A stable wooden profile body with an elegant polyester roof. This combination makes it possible to achieve the Balios lightweight design (tare weight: 800kg for good handling and outstanding durability. All load-bearing steel components have been hot-dip galvanised. The advantage of hot-dip galvanising is that it gives you several decades of protection against corrosion. By dipping the welded chassis in a huge bath of molten zinc, even inaccessable areas are protected against corrosion. Zinc alloy coatings are harder than many types of steel and therefore also protect heavily stressed components. Even the edges and inside of box sections are protected by hot-dip galvanising. Its roominess with extra height and width will appeal to larger horses whilst the adjustable breast and rump bars make the float easily adaptable for the comfort of smaller horses.The owner will appreciate the easy loading,versatility and superior comfort and handling due to the independent suspension.


The base float price would be $11,495 however the following extra items included make up the special price of $14,500 valid until 30/6/17;

Extras included in the special price above;

Internal light                                               $145

Breast + Rump pads                                  $495

Adjustable Rump + Breast bars                 $285

Ramp Mat – Non Slip                                 $595

Roll up Dust Cover                                     $595

Drop Sheet on Divider                                $250

2 x Windows/Vents                                      $490

Multi Fit Coupling                                        $150

Total value of extras                       $3005



  • Hot-dip galvanised chassis
  • Sturdy surrounding frame section (hot-dip galvanised)
  • Elegant galvanised tail support with integrated lighting
  • Entry and service door with 3-point locking mechanism
  • Easy lift ramp - gas strut assisted 
  • Breast and rump bars with panic release
  • State of the art jockey wheel
  • High-quality side panels plastic-coated and UV resistant 18 mm thick
  • 21mm thick wooden base plate as well as 8mm sealed rubber matting
  • Mechanical brakes

​​Internal Dimensions:

Length: 3150mm

​Width: 1700mm

Height: 2300mm

​Tare weight: 800kg GVM: 2400kg

QUOTE: $14,500.00 was $14,995.00
Total QUOTE: $14,500.00

Price displayed in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)
& include GST

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